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Running a successful PPC campaign requires more than simply identifying a few keywords and arbitrarily selecting cost-per-click bid amounts. Many companies have experimented with Pay-Per-Click (PPC), but few possess the knowledge and experience to produce consistent, positive ROI.

We have been involved in PPC (with an emphasis on Google Adwords) since 1999 and have developed several methodologies that outperform the competition. The real secret to a successful PPC campaign is data analysis. We don’t care how good someone is at writing ad copy or identifying targeted keywords. While that is important, the only way to really optimize your PPC campaign is to test, test and test again. By analyzing performance data we determine which keywords generate positive return and which ones do not. Additionally, by tweaking ad copy and testing several text ads simultaneously, we not only improve click-through rates (CTR), but we more importantly improve conversion rates. Conversion after all is the real goal.

We are currently accepting new clients interested in taking a serious approach to online marketing through PPC. Our rates are reasonable and we’d be more than happy to discuss the building of a successful PPC campaign with you.

TruBids PPC / SEM Services Include:

Home Improvement Contractors
Contractor Directory

Contractor Leads
Business Leads
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Home Improvement Leads

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